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Dinosaur Alive is a walk through exhibit featuring the earliest creature of the Triassic Period to the monsters of the Cretaceous. This event is for the entire family, and especially kids, to explore the mystery of pre-historic life in an environment of learning, discovery, and fun. Beyond the exhibit, additional fun activities are available for kids of all ages, which make spending the day with the dinosaurs a great experience for the entire family.

Why Us – Success, Quality & Customization

  • Found in 1996 and head-quartered in the City of Zigong of China – home town of dinosaurs, our factory has the longest success history in China to design and manufacture a wide range of products including simulation dinosaurs, fossils and scenery.
  • Museum quality and well-designed – Equipped with Hi-tech computer software and hardware, artificial intelligence, and electric sensors, the simulation dinosaurs can spit smoke and water, walk, lay eggs, and fight.
  • Customization – our world-class expert team designs and manufactures dinosaurs to meet your specific needs – Museums, Theme Parks, Geological Zoos, Tourism Attractions, Indoor Exhibition and more.

Museum quality animated dinosaur fossil

Dinosaurs at a shopping center

Dinosaurs Alive at a pond